Nose congestion

What is a nose congestion and why does it happen to so many of us?

The familiar nuisance of a stuffy nose: what you need to know about the symptoms, the causes and what you can do to get rid of it

In the winter it accompanies a cold, allergies in spring; whatever the weather, nose congestion is more common than we think.

It makes breathing difficult and can cause dizziness and headaches and in more serious instances, it can bring pain.

The symptoms vary from irritated nose lining and sneezing to a runny nose, excessive mucus and even partial or total loss of smell, which can at times affect our sense of taste.

But what is and what causes nasal congestion?

When we have a cold or flu, a virus attacks our nose and the body’s response is to increase the blood flow to it; this causes the nasal tissue to swell and subsequently the nasal membranes produce mucus.

In the case of an allergy, the release of histamine into our system causes the membranes to inflame and become sore, thus resulting in sneezing and soreness of the eyes.

When the cavities around our nose, called sinuses, become inflamed by bacteria, fungi or a virus, this can result in excessive mucus and swelling of the nose mebranes causing nose congestion, often accompanied by pain around the eyes and headaches, known as sinusitis.

There are also medical conditions known as non-allergic rhinitis and vasomotor rhinitis which cause a blocked nose, though the cause is still unknown.

Using an appropriate medicine for these conditions normally offers relief; there is however a non medical solution, that is the use of SinuSet nasal filters.

An effective system made of a filtering material covering a plastic arch, which makes them easy to insert into the nose, SinuSet filtrs provide a defense barrier against pathogens like smog, smoke, pollen or dust, thus reducing allergic reactions; they can ease nose congestion caused by seasonal colds and flu thus improving our health and well being

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