Stuffy nose remedy

Stuffy nose remedy: Whatever the cause, a blocked nose is annoying: an array of methods is available, both natural and medical, find out what they are

So many experience the nuisance of congested or runny nose. Breathing normally becomes difficult, for a stuffy nose at night can disturb our sleep.

The causes are seasonal colds and flu. rhinitis or blocked sinuses and very often allergic reactions.

In the case of pollen and grasses allergies, our nose and eyes are usually the first hit.

A traditional stuffy nose remedy is to inhale the fumes of hot water with essential oils of menthol or eucalyptus added, or massaging the face to alleviate pressure caused by sinuses and rhinitis and applying acupressure to special point of the head. Additionally, a hot shower and a humidifier can help moisten the air, which can help reduce inflammation.

A nasal wash made of saline solution and water or older methods like neti pots can also work effectively.

These however, are a stuffy nose remedy which is tricky to fit into a busy modern life.

Medical treatments, available with or without prescriptions, come on the form of decongestant tablets and nasal sprays, which quickly work by narrowing the blood vessels in the nose and thus reducing inflammation. This type of treatment can however cause issues for those with high blood pressure.

And they are not advisable for prolonged use.

So what is a safe and effective long term solution? What is the best stuffy nose remedy?

Prevention is better than cure and SinuSet filter is ideal for those who prefer this type of approach to relieve a blocked nose

Comfortable and easy to wear even for children, they use a special patented filtering material which act as a barrier against all types of airborne allergens. SinuSet is sterile and medically proven to stop allergens from hitting our breathing ways and prevent congestion symptoms.

Want an effective solution for a blocked nose? Try SinuSet filters and breathe freely, day and night!






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